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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by BOSS LAWN 2343, Mar 22, 2012.

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    I'll just jump right in...

    Home Page should have content on it, as opposed to being just another hoop to jump to to get to the meat of your site. A picture and intro detailing your service area, etc would work.

    Needs meta descriptions in the head.

    Could use an XML sitemap file to help the search engines properly index you.

    Have your contact info on every single page.

    Waaaay too much space around your company name/logo. All of the content begins at the absolute bottom of my laptop screen.

    Two of the three "follow us on the world wide web" links are links to craig's list and google.

    You could really refine the images so they aren't so big. Compressing them won't lose any real quality and you can take them from 250k to 45k.

    You have some great pics to build your site around. I love seeing that. Too many LCO's have a nice site with crappy, or worse...stock, photography.

    Services page, rework your H1-H6 tags. Something like "lawn care services" should be an H1. Mowing/Aeration/etc should be H2s.

    I've never seen anyone list reference contact information the way you do (names/businesses/phone numbers), and it makes me uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. I'd suggest trying to grab quotes from them to put on your page and state that you can also provide contact references if desired.

  3. BOSS LAWN 2343

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    Sounds like I could do a bit of editing, I'll start one at a time..

    what are Meta descriptions?
  4. tonygreek

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  5. grandview (2006)

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    Center your name,then put lawn care and snow under it.
  6. TwigsLawnCare

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    Your FAQ page is easier to read than your services page due to graphics.

    The white titles break up the page and make it easier to navigate and read.

    I don't like the highlight on the services page. I would suggest a note box or block quotes for that top highlight.

    YOU HAVE PHOTOS - I would use them on other pages as well. Even small thumbnail photos can spruce up the looks of a page. You can also set up a photo as a link to a section of a page. EXAMPLE: a picture of snow plowing on your home page could link to the snow plowing section of your services page which is at the bottom. (easier navigation for people visiting your site)

    Also you could split your pictures up a bit. I believe you have 51 snow plowing commerical pictures. So maybe if you added a snowplowing picture on your homepage you could have it link to a lightbox with several images. Some commercial and some residential but all unique from your photos page.

    Find some ways to add a little style to your pages. A box with a picture and some text adds a little something to a page. Having just a background and text on a page can be a little boring for your viewers. NOTE: Sometime a little goes a long ways. You may just want to put in just a few special things in a page to keep it ineresting. Having pages that are too busy can also turn off people looking at your site.

    Just my opinions - I hope they help and best of luck.
  7. BOSS LAWN 2343

    BOSS LAWN 2343 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for the comments and suggestions so far everybody! Keep them coming, I'll be working on my page this weekend.

    Twigs, thanks for the input. I was checking out your thread this morning and your website is fantastic!
  8. TwigsLawnCare

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    Thank you.

    Get all the input you can. My site would not be where it is today if I had not gotten very useful information and suggestions from people like tonygreek. I even got quite a few sugestions just posting a link to it on facebook and asking my friends for input. Every little bit helps.
  9. greg8872

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    I'll take a deeper look this weekend, but yeah, at first look, I thought that I was looking at a site where the theme wasn't properly loading.

    Another thing that stood out, the listing of references right on the site for everyone (including scrapers) to grab. If you don't for sure, you may want to check to make sure they are ok with that. Some people consider being used as a reference as being "if get asked, we'll give them your info", not that you are fully publishing them (especially if any of those are cell #'s)

  10. BOSS LAWN 2343

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    Fixed up the Services we offer page, I will add photos to it later today.

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