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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by BOSS LAWN 2343, Mar 22, 2012.

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    That is much easier to read.
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    Much better! From an SEO perspective, take a shot at assigning H tags to the various services.

    As an example, a good way might be to do something along the lines of:

    H1 Our Lawn and Landscape Services
    H2 Lawn Services
    H3 Mowing
    H3 Trimming
    H3 Weed 'n Feed
    H2 Landscaping Services
    H3 Installation
    H3 Retaining Walls
    H3 Tree Planting
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  4. BOSS LAWN 2343

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    Took off the homepage, couldn't find an image that would fit or load properly onto it, might try again later..

    Also added new photo's and will start adding/splitting up photos into the "services we offer" page.
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    Howabout using your "about us" content as your home page? It's keyword-rich and gets people to the useful meat of your site right off the bat.

    Also, with your logo/business name taking so much space up (over half of my page), you should shrink down your background image until you have a logo done. is the problematic part, so if you don't have the graphic software to cut it's height down, try playing with the code in your CSS file to force it down.

    .fw-logo {
    width: 850px;
    height: 400px; (try taking this down to 200px to see what you get)
    margin: 0 auto;
    background-position:top left;
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    Ok, I was waiting a little while to do my review, in hopes that the home page would be better. I still feel the same, I go to your home page, and it feels like to me that the page isn't completely loading, like the main shell of the site is broken.

    Anyhow, on this page: Commerical is misspelled (and then also on all the headers for the photos)

    On your FAQ page, for Aeration, "greating the risk", well the program I used kicked greating (and so is firefox right here), and weather or not it is spelled correctly I would recommend using something like "increasing the risk". That change suggestion is my personal taste, but hepls does need to be changed to helps and recommened needs to be recommended in this section. Also under De-thatching, Healthly should be Healthy. Under How/When should my lawn be fertilized, readienest should be readiness.

    On the Services We Offer page, nuciance should be nuisance, restraunts should be restaurants. Under Overseeding, scouering should be scouring, however I would reword this to make it more readable to someone not in the industry. Overall this page, just giving basic looks over it, have someone else who is really good at writing read through it, cleaning up wording, grammar and getting punctuation and capitalization more uniform.

    That is about all I got on things like spelling/broken links, stopped serving to my IP since I was using a program to scan your site (I could browse though other IP's while mine was completely blocked)

    So back the basics of going page by page by hand LOL. Some of these items may have already been addressed, just doing a quick run through while I have a little time. Some things may be out of your control if you are using a predone website from that you do not have full control over.

    Whole site:
    No Meta Description
    No Keywords
    Header tags not used properly, they should be telling me what is on the page, search engines will use that to help index your site.
    Fails validation on every page
    The footer could be cleaned up, the "Clicky Web Analytics" on the bottom left well that was probably cause the server was being picky about feeding to me (or having issues)
    Should have a sitemap.xml file to help make sure search engines know all pages to browse
    should have a robots.txt as search engines search for it
    You should have contact information, at least your phone number on every page, so that when they are ready to choose you, or at least consider talking you you, it is right there, they don't have to search for it. I click on "Contact Us" using a text only browser (while waiting for webs to let me access the site again LOL) and there is nothing there to tell me how to contact you, just a form.

    Home page:
    Even though your area code is in a small geographical area, I would still include a generated service area on the home page, so when people came that would quickly see if you can service them or now
    The home page really needs more content, it is about as useless as a "intro page", I landed on your site, I have to do something to learn anything other than your phone number

    About Us:
    Different image sizes, different font types, just makes the make look tossed together, killing any professionalism for me. Top picture needs rotated just a tad, that rook in the background should be straight across.

    Services We Offer:
    You have a lot of items under "what we do", I would make a list of them at the top, which link down to the item (which has a back to top link) to make it easier, People looking for something specific can find it quicker and not have to skim through descriptions to find it. Also as mentioned before, have someone else who is good with writing read though it and clean it up, make things uniform.

    Also, here is an area that you could use to expand your site down the road, building up sub pages for each item, so you will have really good keyword rich pages for each item to help when people search for each specific item.

    I like the layout here of the slideshows, nothing major standing out here.

    Contact Us:
    Other than the form, there is no way to contact you, no address (even mailing address), no phone number. To me, it adds more professionalism to a site to know more about them.

    FAQ Page:
    Your list isn't too large, but if it gets much more, again I would look at an option to just give the list of questions first, for same reasons I gave on the Services we offer page.

    References Page:
    As I mentioned in previous post, if you don't know for sure, make sure each reference is ok with their contact info publicly shown to be harvested by bots looking to grab contact info.

    On the snow plowing section, the link for the e-mail is formatted differently, makes it less uniform. (blue for winter? LOL) Since in both of the bottom sections you have phone numbers wrapping, I would do the phone number on a new line by itself.

    Anyhow, that is my main run though.

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    Greg and I are also available for childrens' parties, bar mitzvahs, mock juries, flamenco lessons, the most disturbing ventriloquist act you've ever seen, and general rousing of rabble. :)
  8. BOSS LAWN 2343

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    Great input Greg, I'll get started on it tonight (Wed) and keep you posted.

    As far as the references page, I already contacted them for the "ok" before posting it live.

    Looks like I could use a grammar lesson! :dizzy:
  9. Lynden-Jeff

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    Is say there definitely needs to be more content on the home page. Also be more picky with your pictures. Some of the snow ones are terrible. Better off with less quality pictures then tons of crappy ones.

  10. BOSS LAWN 2343

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    Greg - All edits have been made to the best of my knowledge.

    Webpage has been edited, homepage is new (figured out the edits), added two new pages (discounts & service area).

    "Contact Us" has new information, all pages (minus photo's, contact us, references) have contact info at bottom of page.

    Fonts on "about us" have been reversed and corrected.

    FAQ - was shortened up and grammar was edited.

    Commerical is still spelled wrong throughout site, I'll get back to it later.

    Will add small photo's to homepage later also.

    Let me know if I missed anything..

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