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    I plan to service residential properties for the most part that average 1.5 acres, but as my business grows, the lawns may too.

    So, for the questions,

    I want to purchase a new mower, faster mower, that produces professional results, will last if maintained, good warranty etc.
    I want a commercial unit, with bagging option and mulching kit.

    Things I also would like is a sprayer, spreader, aerator, stripper,
    etc. Can I get these as attachments? What do you recommend!

    I was thinking I might get something along the lines of a commercial 23-27/44-52 Ztr because I don't want to strain the engine (longevity) and I want to buy right the 1st time.
    I may go full time w/lawn and landscape asap and would eventually have commercial accts and large accts.

    To start 10k to spend, where do I put it?

    Your help is appreciated!
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    I just came back from Florida, my buddy bought an ExMark 52 HP. I cut his and his Dad's lawns, about three acres total. I would have cut the rest of the houses down the street if he had lights on that thing. It was great, like cutting grass with a highly manuverable go-cart. My wife was out in the yard laughing at me, apparently I looked like a 51 year-old kid driving that thing ... she said, "I can tell that you were having fun out there". What ever you get, make sure it is a ZTR. So, I may not be a lawn pro ... but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night ... really ... I did.

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