continuing drought

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Charles, Mar 11, 2000.

  1. Charles

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    AP report in todays paper. South Carolina will have 50% to 75% below normal rainfall due to La nina through July. It is called a grim forcast for farmers. They are told they would be better off not to plant anything. This is the 3rd La nina year. Even in normal time we have drought and scorching heat. Where if you don't water the grass will become dormant or die no matter what height you cut it at. last year was alot worse than normal like the sarahi desert. Anybody else heard their long term forcast?
  2. Nilsson Associates

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    What else do you plan on doing this summer other than mowing? how did you overcome this last year?<p>
  3. thelawnguy

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    I actually count on the dry spells for July and August so I can do the hedge trimming and not worry about falling behind on my mowing schedule.<p>Bill
  4. Charles

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    Phil, I have always just moved up the yards. Even if my business slows down in half I am still making ok money. I fill in open time with hedge trimming and early morning gutter cleaning. The way this has been working out is we have a flood then a long dry spell. I don't think I have ever stopped working completely. At the first of the year I load myself up with almost more business than I can handle. Knowing that it is going to fall off mid summer. I think the most of the country is going to be like last year the way they talk.
  5. plowking35

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    From what i have heard it seems to be pointing to more severe drought than last year. Of course forcasters can screw up a wet(well you know)
  6. southside

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    We had a drought a couple of years back that<br>lasted about 18 months it was finished off<br>by the biggest amount of rain you ever saw.<br>Nearly every contractor around here had a 2-3<br>month waiting list and were refusing 7-10 jobs a day. Unfortunately I was working for<br>a boss at the time or I would have made a <br>killing.Never been the same since though.

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