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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LazyWeekends, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. LazyWeekends

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    I was wondering what you all think about the benfits or otherwise of Conferences, Seminars, short courses, etc. For example, there is a Lawn & Landscape School of Management in Charlotte, NC coming up in February ($245). There's also a Turfgrass "Short Course" for 4 days ($440) coming up. This course is designed to provide basic info to new turf grass professionals, and review & update to experienced professionals.

    For those of you who've attended various "schools", generally speaking, are they worth the time and money, or does it just make you feel good knowing you've been? I am having trouble deciding whether to attend one or both of these above and/or ones in the future.

    So let's hear form you. I'd really appreciate any feed back.:confused:
  2. mowing king

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    I would go to as many as you can afford. Both on business and green info. We budget 8,700 a year for seminars and classes.
  3. joshua

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    knowledge is power. yes, they are worth it. i go to college, yes its worth it the money that is because my brain will will be able to land me any job i want once i get my degree in horticulture, and being an arborist, and knowing plants and landscaping and turf. yes, its very worth it even if its a seminar or a 4 day class.

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