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Contract and Service Agreement


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Ok all yall(yea i'm from Texas) lco's out there that have been doing this forever, give me some addvice on what to put into my Annual contract and my service agreement. I'm not asking for a copy of yours, just things i should or shouldn't put in there. Should i type them up myself or pay to have them done by a lawyer or somebody. or whoever does them. Just looking to learn a little not steal your contract. thanks.

Turner Lawn care


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Northern NJ
I would recommend putting it together first and then having a lawyer review it to make sure your contractual terms are good and do not expose you to more liability. The way I do mine are as follows I make a box bullet point list of all the maintenance i perform ie spring cleanup, weekly maintenance, trimmimg, mulching, fert/weed control, aeration/thatching/overseed, fall cleanup and gutter cleaning then put a description of each service below it followed by the cost across from the maintenance item. I let them choose what services they want. All of this is about one page.

Then I create a terms and conditions section limiting my liability, explaining how the contract works, etc. and at the bottom i have them sign it and return it so I can file it away in case an issue ever arises

hope that helps!!


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And what would be the point of that besides him saying "yep looks fine to me. Here you go, that will $125. fork it up." If there was nothing wrong with it. if there is then yea it would be worth it so that i stay out of trouble down the road.