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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Classified, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Hey everyone,

    Well im not a big poster, im mostly over at plowsite but figured i would post this here so itd be in the right section.

    Last year was my first year in business and ended the season with 30 residential lawns. This year I have just been awarded a contract to take care of 16 banks totaling lots of money that i didnt think would be possible until at least a few years into the business. I also have 50 resi lawns setup SO FAR for this year. im going to have to cut off new customers here real soon. I am at the point that im looking to buy another truck and have 2 crews! Just figured id share my excitement.:clapping:
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    I was offered 98 banks ....the numbers dont work. I guess "lots of money" and net profit is relative. If it works out and you get paid within 90 days good for you.
  4. Classified

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    Oh it works or I would not have bid that many.

    Money is good, I do thier snow removal and the check has never been late. Pay on the 15th every month, no invoice needed. I will have profit but it will be low this year. im paying for another truck and trailer and outfit the trailer. It will be paid off by august. next year will be profit time since its a 3 year contract.
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    I am not doubting you but i am very curious, how do you get offerd 98 banks? I dont think their are 98 banks within 50 miles of me and even if there was arent these all different banks ran by different companies? like i said im just curious how this happens. Thanks.
  6. M&MLawn

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    So that others can learn from your did you go about making contact and how did you figure out your seasonal pricing?
  7. meets1

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    i would like to no that these banks are all under one corp bank? I don't think I could come up with 100 banks within 60 miles of me much less all under one name. At most here there is 3 banks with in 40 miles that are all under one name. Also what was your method of contact. You do all there snow as well - you must run a few pieces of equipment to handle that much pavement.

    Either way - best of luck and enjoy the "profit" from the banking industry!
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    While eating lunch in a Wendys one day. I ask them about the lawn care. the dist. manager happen to be there so I talked to him...

    He was in charge of 15 in the Houston Area.... I was in Brenham at the time....

    that's about 50 to 70 miles away....

    the numbers he quoted me for there Budget.. was insane....

    with drive time... "in Houston Texas" I would have lost money big time.

    this has me wondering about multi branches it seems that they dont want to pay much and there so far away....

    It just looks like drive time would be a killer...

    I could NOT imagine a larger number of 98..

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