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Wakeman ohio
Hello we are a new landscape company and looking to make up some contracts for lawn mowing Maintience and Lanscape Maintience does anyone have an example or things they can suggest I should absolutely include? Any help would be amazing


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Termination clause, something along these lines
"In the event you want to terminate your Annual Service Program Agreement, that is permitted, this agreement may be teriminated at any time. To terminate this agreement, the value of the services that have been performed at the time of termination must be paid in full to the difference of the amount payed at the time of termination. If you have payed $500 so far within the year but $700 worth of services have been performed, then $200 will be owed to terminate the contract. Non payment of remaining balance will result in the continuation of the contract, services and payment for performance of services."

Guys will be like, that won't hold up in court for xyz reason...... that's not the point. Your contract honestly should only be made to have clear understanding and expectations between you and the client. I don't have the energy or the time to take someone to court over anything under $2,000. HOA $100,000 + contracts should be drafted with a lawyer however. My contracts are sufficient for Collections yet I have never had to do that because we price credit card fees in our rates and force card on file.

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