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    I maintain a resturant property. All work has been on verbal agreement until now. The new manager says that all work must be under an all inclusive contract. I dont have much experiance with contracts. I'm worried that he is price shopping (he seems very miserly to say the least). The contract needs to include mowing,mulch,hedge work,weeding,leaf removal,snow removal,parking lot cleaning. Is their a basic contract like an E Z Form that i could customize? I am not trying to be lazy its that i'm very busy and this manager seems difficult to work with-so i would like to make a contract as quikly and easily as possible. All help/advise is greatly appreciated.
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    I took the time to make our own contract,but once it is done you have it for a long time.
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    I really think that all the manager is looking for is a letter from you stating what your services incluse, how often,how much? That sort of think. Some new managers need to feel organized and this is one way for them to be organized. Mybe he needs it for a budget proposal or to his supervisor.

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