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Contract Help


LawnSite Member
Columbus, OH
I am only in my 2nd season and can't really afford an attorney, yet. I was wondering if anyone had ideas or examples of contracts they would be willing to share. I have written one up in plain, simple english that spells out what we will and will not do...what we will and will not tolerate...what we will or will not charge in late payments, etc. I even included a paragraph about the possiblity (probability) of a fuel surcharge if the cost goes up too much. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated:cool:

Premo Services

LawnSite Bronze Member
I have found that calling them a Proposal/Agreement works well for me. People don't like the word contract, I think it intimidates them a little. In the proposal, I state all services separately, with amount of times each job will be done, and a place where they initial after if they want that service. It is a very good way to up sell more jobs to customers. Include a place explaining about payment options, ,9 10,or 12 month prices, or if they will just pay for services each month as they are done.
I have been using the 10 month plan, and my customers like it because they see how Many times each job will be done and what it costs each month and per year. I like it because it starts in march and ends on december 1st. I get a payment in march, when I have not yet started to mow yet. I also add a spring cleanup on agreement that is done in march. Put a payment due by date,late fee clause in, and about how jobs will be completed in a workmanlike manner,with proper insurance and license, and send them off. This will be my third year offering Agreement/Proposals and all is going well. :D

Good luck!!!!