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When drawing up a contract for a res/comm account, is it a good idea to have an attorney review the wording to make sure it is legal,legit and binding?I'm sure you guys that have been in this for many years know what should be in a contract.But I am fairly new to this.Any info will be very helpful.......Thanks


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jcb287...I know a lot of people say to get an attorney. I don't have one, myself at this time. This is my second season and as soon as I can afford a retainer, I will probably get one.

I have been watching this forum and a lot of guys have good ideas for contracts. I have used a little of what they have said and incorporated them in my contract. I keep it in plain english.

I don't know about anyone else, but the KISS method is best for me...(Keep It Simple Stupid)...blessings to you


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I make sure there is a clause in the contract that basically says "company records deemed official and correct".....
That way a customer can't claim you didn't do something that you did do.....I know it works...Had to take a couple of deadbeats to court and was awarded judgement because of that clause....