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    I gave a proposal and attached contract to a friend of mine that was mowing his HOA because he couldn't do it any more and asked me if i would.Well i couldn't be there at meeting so he showed it to the president and he signed it an hour before he steped down for his term.So the next day i went to meet the new president and he sais that the signed contract is no good because they should of took two more bids and then agreed on it even though i have a signed contract by the old president wile he was steel in office. I would like to know who is right here? I would like to have the account. it's 450.00 a month for twelve months 135.00 a visit for 40 visits year. I don't won't to start trouble but its 450.00 a month i have a signed contract by the president at the time. So who's right here and what would you do ???
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    What does your contract say about cancellation? You could insist on mowing until they cancel the contract. They were aware that your friend was only representing you at meeting correct?
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    if they contract doesnt say anything about termination, your up s#$ts creek. you need to ask yourself, if you did a hurrible job, wouldnt they be able to fire you in the middle of the season? just be glad this happened prior to the season starting so you can look eslwhere, also be glad your still in the running if they are simply looking for 2 more bids, kiss some butt and say you completely understand and will wait to hear from him and if he has any questions you will be glad to answer them. you might also take that time to sell yourself a bit more and tell him how good you are.
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    My contracts are set up so that either party's can cancel in 30 days notice.I've notice that people around here are quik to sign when they see that not to mention i like it too.
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    I took my time doing this bid and did a real nice job on the package i perpared for him. Containing a cover letter , proposal , and a contract.the new president looks like he might be a real d*** head in the future. He claims the other lco before my friend just quit showing up but what he don't know is the when the sub was being built the developer was paying the lco and when it got turned over to the hoa they never payed him due to some miscomunication during the turn over so he quit. So the new president thanks it's the lco's fault and thats the reason he won'ts 3 bids and the will probly take the lowest bidder.that is what i was told by the first president.
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    Most HO are like that.You can bet he wants the lowest price he can get.Thats the real reason he wants 3 bids.Then at the end of the year he'll tell the next 3 guys how bad of a job the last guy did.This will happen year after year.
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    HOA's typically want at least 3 bids on anything. I have some very loyal HOA's that i work with and any time there is a bid on any thing that is above and beyond; such as re-landscaping, they are required to get 3 bids. Don't get discouraged, you have a foot in the door just don't let it SLAM!! HOA's are a good source of revenue but can sometimes be a pain in the butt. The bigger they are the more people you have to deal with and they all have a different opinion of how you should be doing everything. I do know of a LCO that sued a HOA and won for breach of a contract and they got the last 3 months of there contract paid in full; however, they lost 2 more neighborhoods and several other residentials in the same neighborhood. Lucky me!!!!LOL Remember people talk and these people all go to the same church, grocery stores, Etc...Hold to your bid and see what happens.
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    I'd run from this one and fast, but not before giving a warm and sincere thank you to the new president, especially if he gave me the ticket out, that's pretty nice of him to give fair warning, I can appreciate a decent man like that.

    Because if that's the HOA rules, he could've been a jerk and got his 3 estimates and hired someone else, didn't really have to say anything if your contract is invalid because it was in violation of the rules.

    So if he'd a told me that crap, I'd a been like: REALLY ?!?!!
    Him: yeah...
    Me: Well thank you very much (offer to shake hands), you have a nice day!
    (smile) (don't forget to wipe sweat from forehead and congratulate self for such a great exit strategy).

    Because that could've been one sticky situation, going buddy-buddy into an association-based property.
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