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    hi guys.
    i am trying to write a contract so that the customer pays a flat monthly fee for regular maintenance. my issue is that i cant seem to figure out how to make it look professional. my idea is simply to estimate the total number of cuts a season and come up with a weekly price. multiply these together and divide by the number of months ill be mowing. okay so here is the real problem. the contract is going to say something to the effect of we will maintain your lawn as need at our discretion no more then once a week and no less then twice a month. but this to me seems fly by night, like we just show up whenever we want. I'm trying to finish a draft, but in the mean time any ideas would be great. i will post my idea in the next few days so you can all rip it apart. thanks
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    Thats how i just did an estimate for a senior living center. Used the average mowings around here, 26, then came up with a price for the mowing. Stated all irrigated areas would be done on an average of every 7 days and all non-irrigated done on average of every 14 days. I tried to avoid using any thing that said as needed because it becomes to wishy washy for a contract, and could bring up some arguments. I divided the total, which included shrub pruning, mulching and some flower planting, by 8 for a monthly bill, first bill due march 1st.

    By the way this was just on a bid sheet in the service details, which was by no means a contract, just for them to get a scope of the services.
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    Just put in your "Service Agreement" not contract that you cut a minimum of ___ times and and the price of your weekly cut is $ _____ which equals $ ____ a month for a 12/8/6 month season, make it simple and clear for then to put the numbers together. Hope this helps
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    dsmrolla06, thanks for more or less confirming that I'm not a nut in my thinking
    Slcareco. Im not sure that we are totally on the same page. it seems that would limit them or you. if the grass needs to be cut more times them contracted as your minimum, their price goes up? maybe I'm missing something. i guess my method id a bit of a gamble, but it allows them to budget an exact amount to lawn maintenance every month. i am going to finish my draft tonight and then please pull it apart.
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    Quality Cuts Landscape
    (401) 487 xxxx

    Customer Name: _
    Street Address:

    Agreement for Lawn Care Maintenance

    Service Agreement

    Quality Cuts Landscape will provide the following services as needed at our discretion to maintain your lawn. We will mow all turf areas, line trim all of the remaining areas which are inaccessible to the mowers and edge along the driveway and all walkways with either a line trimmer or stick edger at our sole discretion and blow all resulting clippings back into the lawn. This service package will be provided no more then once a week and no less then twice a month at the agreement price. The price for such service will be paid monthly over the service season which will start on________________ and commence_______________ annually. This agreement starts_____________ and continues until one or both parties are dissatisfied. This service will be provided on either ______________________ or________________________, depending on the turf conditions.

    Additional services may be provided as requested by customer at an additional cost. These services may or may not require a separate written agreement, at the sole discretion of Quality Cuts Landscape.

    Notes to agreement

    There is no obligation for either party to continue service. This agreement may be ended at any time via fourteen (14) day written notice.

    Quality Cuts Landscape will not be held responsible to damage to items left in the turf area or malfunctioning sprinkler heads.

    We advise you to contact us at least 24 hours on advance if you have any reason why we could not service your lawn on one of the two days above. Theses reasons include but are not limited to birthdays and BBQ’s.

    If you have any questions or complaints please contact us as soon as possible so that we can correct them in a timely fashion. Your patronage is important to us, and we will work hard to correct any and all problems that you may have, as long as we know of them.

    If for any reason other than inclement weather, we must provide our services to you on a different day we will give you at least 24 hours notice. This will allow you to tell us if this creates a problem with your schedule, we are in a service profession and thus feel we should provide you with that and not a hassle.

    If you would like to confirm your lawn be mowed a certain week please call us as soon as possible, 24 hours will be needed to guarantee your request.

    This agreement price is for the service listed above. If there is an amount of debris such that we cannot perform the service without first removing it, we will have to bill you for this. If the bill will exceed 30 dollars we will get your permission before performing any additional work

    Quality Cuts Landscape shall submit invoices by the 5th of each month for services rendered during the previous month. No payment shall be taken during time of service. Payments are due no later than the 20th of each month. Any accounts thirty days past due will be charged a finance charge of $10 per month. Any bill not receiving full payment within thirty days shall be considered delinquent. All services will be temporarily stopped on any delinquent account until full payment for services rendered has been received. In the event of default the client agrees to reimburse Quality Cuts Landscape all administrative costs, collection costs, attorney fees, recording fees and/or court costs.

    Customer Signature: _____________________

    Signature: ____________________________
    Quality Cuts Landscape

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

    i put it in 8 font and it fit one page. im not sure if it is to long or wordy or really anything at all so please hack it up and let me know what you think

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    well you add that anything after the minimum say you have a warm november you will bill upon as work is completed
  7. cuttinggrassiscool

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    okay so if at the end of the first paragraph i wrote in something like; in the event that the actual cutting season starts or ends outside of the scope of this agrement all work performed will be billed based upon X dollars per above service.

    or would i be better to say; in the event that the actual cutting season starts or ends outside of the scope of this agrement all work performed will be billed based upon a pro rating(sp) of the monthly bill

    will either of these work, and which one would you recomend. i don want this to get to wordy and scare people away, but i dont want people to walk on me because i left something out....
  8. dsmrolla06

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    If it were me, id cover for the average amout of maintenace service visits a year, nothing to high, and have them billed monthly for that. Have a clause stating they will be bill x amount of dollars for every service above that number. I would try to get around having to give them money back if theres less services than the average, but if you feel more comfortable doing that, give them credit towards additional service, never give cash back. Also, you should have them billed before you even touch their property. Say you anticipate the first mowing at the end of march, make sure you receive your first bill at like march first.

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    It's tough for such a short season. And are you going to show up in the winter?
    I would think it would be hard to pay the same each month if you will not be there.
    Down here it works well because we are there all year. March 15 thur Nov15th we visit each week and every other week all winter, Full service Lawncare and mowing trimming and leaves. Total cost /12.
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    This is what I use.

    P And P Lawn Care Service


    P And P Lawn Care. covenants and agrees with_______________________________
    For the property located at:_______________________________________________
    Phone:____________________ to do the following services for a period of 12 months,
    Beginning on:_____________________________________

    Lawn service to be on a weekly basis for the months of April, May, June, July, August, September and October .And on a bi-weekly basis for the months of November, December, January, February and March. Your service will be scheduled on Day Of our choice of each week. In the event of inclement weather, the service will be scheduled for the next available day. Lawn service will include mowing all turf areas, trimming all turf areas inaccessible to mower with a line trimmer, edging of all walks, and driveways and power sweeping the resulting clippings with a power blower.
    The cost for this service will be $___________ per month.

    Note these are Additional Services" from the $_________. Per month.
    _______________________________ agrees that the cost for the above services is $___________ PER MONTH for this Residence or Commercial property. Additional Services per request.
    A statement will be Emailed or Mailed to the client at the beginning of each service month. PAYMENTS ARE DUE UPON RECEIPT of monthly statement or NO LATER THAN THE 15TH of each service month. If payments are not Received by the 20th of each service month P And P Lawn Care Service may impose a $10.00 late fee, withhold service, or upon written notice, cancel service. In the event of default, the client agrees to reimburse P And P Lawn Care Service all administrative costs, collection costs, attorney fees, recording fees and/or court costs. Client further agrees to pay a $35.00 fee for each check returned from the bank for all reasons. Either party may, upon 30 days written notice terminate this agreement before the termination date. This agreement shall be binding on the parties and on their successors, legal representatives and assigns.

    Executed in Polk County Florida, on the date first above written.

    P And P Lawn Care Service Representative



    THIS_______DAY OF_____________, 20_____

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