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    i am trying to get as many accounts as possible to sign on to monthly pricing, however in my area their is a lot of competition and i am a part timer who is only 19, as a result of this i feel that the best way to do this is based on number of cuts, if it is more i bill per additional if it is two or more less they get credit for nest season or another job. i just realized though that if we hit a drought and people cancel i will have lost out on many as in the spring and fall the longer grass(more work more cuttings) is balanced by the less work in the drier summer, so i just added this phrase, just wanted your opinions

    There is no obligation for either party to continue service. This agreement may be ended at any time via fourteen (14) day written notice. However, in the event that you chose to terminate this agreement before the season ends you are responsible for paying your debt. This debt is to be calculated as follows; _______(per cut price) multiplied by the actual number of performed cuts subtracted from the sum of previous monthly payments.

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    Monthly service is Full service and you should not break down your prices.
    Just state that contract can be terminated with a 30 day written notice. period.
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    This is exactly how we do it!

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