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Contract question

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Hello everyone !!!
I'm searching for some info....I currently own a few grounds maintenance contracts that include only lawn mowing and snow removal. i am busy with other things this year already and want to sell the remaining 10 months of a two year contract. I have a buyer but we are both worried of the legalities. What restrictions would bar me from legally transfering him this contract? Also I live in MN...any difference here??

All advice is always appreciated !!!!!!!
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DEBT is the most thing that needs to be addressed.
all debt with these accounts should be YOURS and NOT the new owner.
is there is any transfur of equipment there will have to be a search to make sure there is NO debt. no taxes owed.

any taxes owed will NOT be assumed by new owner.
also with new ownership MAINLY if it's just customers. the previous owner will NOT accept any work or prommised work funds of any kind from there customers, and names addresses need to be listed.

YOU the seller will relinwish all rights to there's custoemrs and contaic of any form. written or in person.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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