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contract questions???

swing blade

LawnSite Member
Cincinnati, OH
Hi everyone,

I have a customer that i am doing some work for right now and he wanted me to give him a quote on cutting the lawn. I told him that I would have to get back to him with an answer. I am working up the quote and I wanted to know if I should just put in a price per cut, or if I should also put a price per month or a price for the year. Also, what other info should I put in the quote???

Thanks ahead of time
Swing blade


LawnSite Senior Member
boise idaho
I think contracts are a waste of time for residential. However you do need a signed agreement as to what services you will be providing and for what price. A contract is used to lock in a customer for a certain time. I do use them for commercial jobs because they require more of my resources. I wouldn't want to buy a bunch of new equipment and have them back out a week later. For res I figure if for whatever reason they decide to drop you even if you had a signed contract you wouldn't get a lawyer involved to enforce it. Just sign an agreement on price and services and make them give a written notice if they ever feel they no longer need you.