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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Novaowner, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. Novaowner

    Novaowner LawnSite Member
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    Does anyone have a contract sample I could see or know where I can get one via the internet? I need one for my new business next year. Thanks.
  2. LHSlawnman86

    LHSlawnman86 LawnSite Member
    from ohio
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    is this for commercial or residential clients. i find that the term "contract" scares away residential clients
  3. Grass Kickin

    Grass Kickin LawnSite Member
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    try "service agreement"
  4. Novaowner

    Novaowner LawnSite Member
    Messages: 70

    I like service agreement. Does sound alot better. It'll be used mostly with residential clients, maybe if I'm lucky some commercial clients. Thanks.
  5. Grass-Masters

    Grass-Masters LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hopefully, This gives you a starting point. It may not be the best but it works for me.

    sample contract.pdf
  6. Novaowner

    Novaowner LawnSite Member
    Messages: 70

    Thanks, this is a great sample!
  7. Grass-Masters

    Grass-Masters LawnSite Senior Member
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    No problem, good luck.
  8. Shawnhines

    Shawnhines LawnSite Member
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    Yes I have to say that this is a great sample to go by
  9. Az Gardener

    Az Gardener LawnSite Gold Member
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    Here is my "performance agreement" I also have about 3 pages (big print) of gardener practices in which we out line how we handle situations like pre payment, acts of god, the work force,company chain of command, who to call for what etc. A corporate Lawyer client of mine recommended this format.

    I am a copy paste guy so the black dots transfer as ? marks ,sorry

    Performance Agreement

    The Gardener, owned and operated by David W. Jernigan, hereby promises to perform and be responsible for the following duties outlined below under The Gardener Duties for a monthly rate of $558.00, for the residence of John Sample (hereafter referred to as Owner), located at 1234 North Any Lane, Phoenix, AZ and hereby promises and is responsible for the duties outlined below, under Owner Duties.

    The Gardener Duties
     To maintain the current garden/landscape by trimming, cleaning, and operating irrigation system to ensure the health and life of the plants.
     The Gardener will be spending an average of 2.67 man hours per week maintaining your garden/landscape
     Incidentals included are small applications of Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizers, Trash Bags, etc., typical dumping is also included in the monthly rate.
     Additional Hours needed due to storm damage, etc. will be billed at a rate of $45.00 per hour
     Instances in which The Gardener is needed to handle an emergency situation that cannot wait until the next scheduled visit will be considered a Service Call, and is billed at a rate of $75.00 for any amount of time within an hour, and $45.00 per hour after the first hour.

    Any services above and beyond the previous services that the Owner or Gardener would like performed, will be proposed and contracted for at an additional rate.

    Owner Duties
     Submit payment within 10 days of receiving invoice.
     Inform The Gardener of any dissatisfaction with performance as soon as possible.
     Inform The Gardener of any preferences, or personal tastes on the appearance of the Landscape.
     I have read and understand The Gardener’s Business Practices _________(initial)

    If any plant or aspect of the garden/landscape is damaged due to the actions of The Gardener, the item will be replaced at the expense of The Gardener.

    This contract may be terminated at any time if either party fails to perform their duties in a satisfactory manner.

    If after a two-month trial period, it is discovered that more or less hours are required to maintain the garden in a satisfactory manner for both parties, this contract will be amended.

    __________________________________ ________________________
    Owner Date

    __________________________________ ________________________
    The Gardener Date
  10. Doug Z.

    Doug Z. LawnSite Member
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    Az, that is a great contract, but I found out the hard way that you need to get the legal jargon in there, payments, leins, lawsuits, stuff that will cover your butt. My error cost me about $25k. I was using a generic "proposal" that you could get at office max. I now have one that my attorney drew up. It has saved me a couple of times. 2 people that were giving me a hard time paying, and 1 lady that said that she just could not sign it- red flag there!
    Talk to an attorney, its well work the $ 200.00 to make sure your covered.

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