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contract verbage

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Just wonerding if anyone has some good verbage for not being responsible for water stains on concrete. There are some places here in Wisconsin that have high amounts of iron in the water. Sometimes, especially with curves on patios the water hits the concrete a little. Can't quite figure out how to get the water to curve with the patio. :nono:
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Can't quite figure out how to get the water to curve with the patio. :nono:
Increase the number of sprinklers or use Netafim.
There is always a way to avoid watering hardscape. If the clients can't live with stained concrete, then I suggest you find a way to to get it done. Since I don't believe in clauses that excuse substandard work ... I will let boots handle this since he is the king of inefficient watering.
One could also design with the idea of adding an injector pump to add a rust preventative. That would mean using RPZ backflow prevention, as nothing lesser would do. If grass is growing right up to the house foundation, then you have to locate the heads far enough away to avoid drifting spray, but close enough for the soil's capillary action to spread enough water to keep all the grass alive. Low-angle heads, and adjustable-arc sprays would be used.
Or one could accommodate difficult areas with a dedicated SDI zone and eliminate water on the hardscape with the exception of possible wind drift.
I have to wonder just how long an emitter will endure very-high-iron water, that precipitates rust on most of what it touches.
Precipitates will be less of a concern with SDI.

Solutions will be site-specific.
Aren't they always?

On my example, one winding pathway of slates cutting through a large lawn was given up as not being worth the expense to keep iron-free.
I agree. Choose a slate that already has that "iron stain" in it.
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