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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DFLS, Mar 21, 2008.

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    From the president of a homeowners association:

    "My suggestion is that I get three quotes for the maintenance of the common areas . If you have any suggestions on who I should contact, please let me know. I will tabulate the results, share them via email with my recommendation and then we can make a decision. My preference for the maintenance contract would be to look for a two year commitment, with the option to cancel if we are not happy with the service."

    What do you think of this one??
  2. pderenzo

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    Options to cancel are standard with some jobs. Everyone is afraid of contracts and this is their way to feel secure to back out of any contract. But what you have to remember is this is your contract. If they want an out for unsatisfactory performance, then you need to insure you have a procedure within the contract to insure that it has been reported to you and you both understand what is needing to be fixed. The cancellation should be so well worded that if you cant fix their unsatisfactory performance review than the cancellation is justified, but you need the right to fix the problem and save your reputation with that client. Often a blank "option to cancel" is used to move someone's brother or cousin into the job at a drop of the bucket. Recommendation: At least once a month when contracts are concerned, insure a site walk through of the property is done to insure everything is good in their eyes. Many things can cause a reason to cancel to pop up, and you need to insure your relationship with that client is in very good standing. Don't just be a body that shows up every week to do the job, but build a friendly relationship with them so they will think twice when things come up.

    Blessings to you all.
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    ^-- exactly. We had a performance clause in our contracts, basically stating that the client could cancel for poor service if they did the following: 1- notify us via certified letter of their problems/concerns and tell us they would cancel if they weren't corrected; 2- meet with our account manager to discuss the issues and agree upon a plan of action and milestones; 3- If, at the end of 90 days, they could demonstrate the issues had not been resolved, they were free to go. Otherwise, it was a breach of contract.
  4. pderenzo

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    One other thing. When you initiate a walk through the property with your client on a regular basis, make sure they initial the walk through sheet and give them a copy. When the issue has been fixed, then their initials are also good to acknowledge the work has been done, and give them another copy. Paper work is a pain but often saves face and builds a professional image between you and your client.

    Blessings to you all.

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    Make sure that option to cancel goes both ways. Maybe you will want out and you need to have that option. It is a two way street. They need to treat you right as well.
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    mine all have a 30 day option, but i have the chance to fix the problem first.
    i've i have cancelled some, but never had a customer cancel on me.

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