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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by turkp15, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. turkp15

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    I need help wording a sentence for my 04' contract. I under bidded 4 of my accounts this year so I wanted to add a sentence stating that price may go up after 30 days so I could correct my mistake in the future. Can someone give me a professional sentence that stats this point.

  2. lawnman_scott

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    Due to the indiviuality of each and every account, and many unforeseen atributes, the price that was quoted for this property may be increased by 10% within 30 days of signing.

    P.S. Check my spelling, and I wouldnt do it, it may scare people away.
  3. turkp15

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    what about if i put in may increase or decrease
  4. lawnman_scott

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    they are not dumb, and we both know it wont decrease, or were you worried that you overpriced last year, and felt bad about it???
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    I think you could put just about anything you wanted into a contract like that. Why? Because nobody in their right mind is going to sign a contract that states that the price may go up if you goofed estimating it. The proper way to do it is to ask to do the property on a one time basis for an aggreed amount. If you've estimated right you'll be OK, if not, you'll only have to do it once. Either way you'll know exactly how to bid the property in the future. It also helps for you to do a little research. Ask around. See if you can find out what the previous LCO was getting. Ask what they were paying the previous guy. You'll never know unless you ask. Attached is a copy of the contract I use for my residential customers.

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    This is what my contract says in small print to the sides. All elements of this agreement are contigent upon accidents or delays beyond out control. The estimate does not include material price increases, or additional labor and materials which may be required should unforeseen circumstances arise after the work has been started.

    I have never had a customer that wouldnt sign it, although I dont really know how many even read it. So many people these days, you just give them something to sign and tell them sign here and they just do it.

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