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    I have a contract with a property mgmt company and this year I mowed 75 yards a week. This upcoming year, they liked me so much that they want me to take care of all their properties, which are about 130-160. This year I did the 75 by myself and I did about 2 yards an hr and 3 if I had help. My equipment is a 32 z, 1- 21 inch mower, 1 trimmer, and 1 blower. Most of these yards I mow in about 20 minutes by myself. I am getting a trailer this year to speed up on my downtime and that will help alot. My question is, I know I will need one guy full-time that has access to a truck. That way I can have him go out and mow a day by himself and I can do the same. Please help because they want to know if I want to take the contract by the end of this year. Thanks
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    Hope you can find a full time legal guy with drivers liscenses in your area we can't find them in our area.

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