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I ran my mowing this year with out using contracts. As you can guess, I had some problems. Could any one out there in the land of cyber grass cutting help me out. What I am in need of is a sample contract for res. and com. As always thank you for your advice and support.
Hello Lawman:

I have several URL's you can go to!
Look at the bottom of this heading: "Resources to help you & your Business" then click on "Looking for a few simple Lawn Maintenance Contracts" at the bottom of the table or list.

The only time I used a contract on a home owner, was the bank requested it when I went to get my first loan at the bank. It was a nightmare some of my customers just went all to pieces. I lost 2 & I even told them we could cancel the contract & leave things the way they were before.

Contracts are made to be obeyed, changed & broken. I would never try to lock someone into one for a year at the time.

If you work on the contract a little & know what you are doing you can lock them into a year & make them pay you for whole year even if you only cut 2 times, but I would never do that. It will stand up in any small claims court to.

I was never interested in working for someone if they didn't want me there. I would always give 30 days notice & I would even help them find someone if needed to. I even got a few back doing that later on down the road.

One unhappy customer tells about 13 people & one happy one tells about 3. 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customer referalls? These are just facts I have read at other places, but it sounds about right to me.

I wish you & yours the Best!