Contractors Licence


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What type of licencing is needed in Ohio to operate a lawncare / Landscaping firm. I also need to know what purpose a contractors licence serves as well as how to go about getting this license.


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Duluth, MN
Hi Chris. Here in Ohio you don't need a license to do normal landscaping, and lawn care work. If you plan on applying fertilizers, and other chemicals you would. Since the chemicals can pose health problems, the government wants you to be prove yourself competent in the proper application of these substances.<p>As far as getting a Contractor's License. The only benefit to having that would be the discount that you would get from vendors. You would be able to purchase supplies at wholesale prices. To obtain a Contractor's License, you could probably get one through your accountant. He could probably fill out the forms that have to be submitted for you (at a small fee). Good luck.<p>Victor


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South Bend, IN
Doesn't OH have a Nursery Dealer License, or something similar? When I buy in Lake county, they ask for my IN license. Could probably be researched at, your state govt home page.<p>In IN, anyone installing live plants (5 yd of sod, 2 flats of annuals, or a $150K landscape) is required to have a Nursery Dealers License.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<br>