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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Vassk1, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Vassk1

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    Can somebody from Florida please tell me about the licensing procedures in that state. I have read some info about it on the net however I want somebody who has actually gone through it to give some input. From how much it costs to how difficult the test is. Not interested in pesticides, just a contractor's license.

  2. mrbray101

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    I live in gainesville, i think the rules are different for every city/county. In alachua county I had to get a home inspection to get a home occupational permit, then i just had to buy what they call a landscape contractor license. It entitles me to mow, edge, trim, install plants, and irrigation (as long as its not connected to main water line). Not sure about everywhere else though.
  3. Vassk1

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    how much was it, how long was the test and how difficult? Thanks
  4. mrbray101

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    in Alachua county I didnt even have to take a test. I had to pay 60 bucks for a home inspection for the home occ permit. The landscape contractor license was 120 but im in an "enterprise free zone" so I got half off that. it comes out to 120 foro the first year and 60 for the next year. I think you need a home inspection every 3 years.

    What county are you in?

    I would just go down to the tax office of your city and they will be able to point you in the right direction. In my county they dont seem to care much about qualifications, just there occupational tax i had to pay (the 60 bucks). It seems like there should be some sort of test but i guess not.

    I am not licensed to spray anything though, thats a completely different story where you go through the state and have to pass a test.
  5. SPLC

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    What about for Hurricane clean ups? I'm from Michigan and may be bringing a truck and my Posi down next year when I close up for the season. How would I go about getting a license? I've heard nightmare stories.

    Sorry to hijack your thread, but I see you are from Conneticut and maybe we are on the same page.


  6. mrbray101

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    im not sure about hurricane cleanups but there is definately a LOT of people that come down to help with that so my bed is that there isnt any license needed but Im not sure, i dont know where you could check on that one.
  7. General Landscaping

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    Hurricane cleanup for private accounts or FEMA?

    You could do private stuff easy enough, but the federal $$$$ go to a big company and they in turn hire you for a profit.
  8. jim dailey

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    There are two (2) types of contractor's licenses in the State of Florida. Registered and Certified. That is the State classification. With the type/ classification that you choose, you are either allowed to do work statewide (Registered) or County by County (Certified). Registered allows you more freedom throughout the entire State. To be in either class, you already have to have a registered business name, carry required liability and workers compensation insurance and show legal proof of home address in Florida along with Florida Driver's License and vehicle insurance. I am a resident of Massachusetts, with winters being spent in the Sunshine State. I am moving to Sunny Florida next year for the duration. I have already started the proceedings to get my Contractor's License. I live in Daytona Beach, which is in the County of Volusia. Each county has there own rules. Each City/Town has their own rules on top of that. You are allowed to do only certain things, as pertaining to your class of license. They also have what is called the "HandyMan's License". Basically just cleaning and painting and window washing...BUT...only on ground level. There is a lot of aluminum work, which requires an Aluminum Structures License, an endorsement onto your Contractor's License.
    If you are planning a move to Florida, contact your County's Licensing Bureau for further info. The State of Florida's Contractor's Licenses are standardized, it is just the County and City laws that are varied. You have to carry the insurances also, so be prepared for that. Any other questions, just post and maybe someone can help.
  9. mrbray101

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    well said jim. I did not have to get insurance though. They never asked to see my insurance when I got my license. I did not have insurance when I first got my landscape contractor license. Have fun in Volusia when you move down. I grew up in Ocala, about 60 milles inland of Volusia county and I absolutely love that area. I've spent many many days there on the beaches and fishing the intercoastal. Its a great area, you will love living there.
  10. grassy

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    Is it possible to hook up with an established business doing hardscapes/landscaping for the winter months in Florida? My company is seasonal April through October and would like to continue what we do for the full season. Tired of snow removal, (if there is any to move) I would bring another laborer along, possibly some equipment. Would this be considered ''contract labor''?

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