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Contracts Do you use them or Not?


LawnSite Senior Member
Does anyone in here use contracts for residential account strictly for mowing/fertlizing? If so what do they look like or say? How do you present it to the homeowner do you have a sample of one that I may look at? Thanks


LawnSite Gold Member
Mooresville NC
Most of my residential is on monthly contract.
It tells what we are going to do all year and what we will be applying
It states the total cost and than cost /12 for a monthly rate.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
It doesn't hurt for mowing, but it doesn't have to be lease on life. Just have a price and a timely pay schedule, and a 30 day motice of termination clause. This stuff about pre-pay, and them having to pay for the rest of the season - even though the service isn't given, is a bunch of crap. No one wants to go through all that just for a lawn service.
here in Michigan, for chem., we're required by law to have a service agreement stating that they agree to have us come in and service their said property.