contracts for one time services ex;cleanups/mulch?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Feb 28, 2001.

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    i need some opinions on asking the customer to sign a contract for a one time service. we do spring cleanups for people that are not our regular customers. i have had my share of getting burned such as: we agree that this, this and that will be included in the cleanup, then when its time to get paid, they say, well what about that area over there? i thought that was included? and then it turns into an argument and they refuse to pay until i do the extra work. i always make very clear what we will do for the price i quote, but some people try to get over. is it wise to write up a detailed contract, and have them sign? thanks, BOB
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    Yes, Especially for one time customers. Give them a detailed contract to sign before you do any work. Also, it will not hurt to have them pay 1/3 up front.

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    I'm not sure how everyone else does it, but I have always charged $25.00 per man hour ie.3 guys for 1 hour = $75.00 for 3 man hours for labor rate such as clean ups. For mulch or manure etc. I have a flat rate such as $45.00 per yard of mulch delivered and spread. If they have the mulch delivered I go back to the $25.00 per man hour again. I have never had any complaints regarding this setup. If the customer wants a basic estimate just take a guess and tell them your not sure. I was once involved in a residential, over 100 yard mulch job (I think it was 110 yards). There are just some things that you just can't estimate and that was one of them. Entire backyard, wooded area received mulch.
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    We always use contracts on one timers, you have to think you will only see them once. Then you can easily get stiffed.
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    non customer must pay 50% up front if they are home most of the time. If they work and are gone alot then they pay 100% before work starts, witha agreement stating what is tobe done on on what time line.
    For small job we don't do for non customers. leaf removal,gutters.ect

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