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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by firehoyt, Mar 13, 2006.

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    Just getting started, I marketed hard last week (passed out about 600 business cards), already have about 7 commitments. All of which I feel confident are on the up and up. I havent offered contracts to any of them b/c I dont want them to feel obligated or intimidated by paperwork. I feel as if my salesmanship and good work is contractually sound w/o the hassle of papers. Is this a good way to do business or do you usually have everyone sign a contract? I dont have the resources to fight someone if they choose to go elsewhere. If theyre like that, I dont want to work for them anyway. Any feedback ?:hammerhead:
  2. Joey bag a' donuts

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    I dont contract my residentials unless they are getting one of the package services. The customer likes to know if your a hack that he can drop you and find someone better.
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    all our customers sign a 2 page contract .That does not mean they are legally bound to the full season . But it does several things, 1) lets them know we are a legit comp 2)has all thier info name address phone all prices and services they agreed to , to cover both them and us, 3) and has a pre pay option 10% disc if they choose to pay in full by june 1st. It makes you look (in our eyes ) to the customer that we are honest forthright and professional . We keep carbon copy and file alphabetically in file for quick look ups if there is ever a question on price sevices etc. It's more informational than it is a "ill see you in court thing ) Plus we can tell when we started when we last raised prices , make lil notes like "oh oh we under qouted this one go up 5 bucks next yer , that sort of thing
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    All of customers sign an "agreement". It does not mean that they are tied to using us. It just means that they agree to pay for any services rendered within 30 days. It has all their info on it, all the services that will be performed and how much they are. It also states interest charges, ret. check fees etc. i also put on there that we will be there every year until they notify us in writing to stop services. This eliminates the need to send out new contracts every year.
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    no contracts or services agreements for me on res unless i get an uneasy feeling about them.. take your own thoughts and advice a lot of old people cant see, read, understand contracts and may get scared off..
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    BINGO!!!:clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :usflag:

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