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    I was wodering could anyone give me any ideas on a contract they use.
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    Welcome Aboard!!

    If you use the search function and look for contracts you will find alot of information. You will also find many people who have offered to send out their contracts.

    Hope this helps.
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    Go to my home page & look at GrAssMasters E-mail list & E-Book?
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    Hello Everybody:

    I looked at the above contracts & they look great.

    But they are very long & some of the Legal Mumbo Jumbo in them I just do not know about them? They might be OK for big Commercial jobs. I would never use one even on a commercial job, but that's my thoughts only. :)

    As far as Residential use, no I do not want to scare away a potential customer by making them think that this is going to be some Major Corperate take over or something? Multiple page contract just to maintain their lawn. NO way?

    Keep it simple & it will stay simple. A fact of life. I'm not saying that my contract is the best, but multiple pages & a bunch of legal junk? Nope, Not I!

    I would also never fix it where they were tied into something & can't get out of til end of contract. I do not want to work for anybody that doesn't want me to be there. If you try to force them, well it's a known fact they can burn you more ways than you can even begin to think of? If I had a contract with a lawn service like this & I couldn't get out of it, well LOL I would do to them exactly what they were doing to me in the contract?

    Like what well, they be painting cars, fixing gates, fences, repairing broken windows, repairing cracks in driveways & etc... I would make them drop me on the spot & it would be very easy.

    Yes all you have to do is give them a fee for combined services, let it look like that on the contract & then divide it by 12 or what ever & have equal monthly payments. Then if they sign that & problems arise later yes you could take them to court & probably make them pay. But who is the type business person that would do this to a customer? Not I?

    Me when I was doing it, all they had to do was give me notice & if they couldn't wait 30 days, well that's OK too! Because I know what they could do to me while on their property. I would even help them get another Lawn Service if need be. Just pro-rate your fees & walk off, very simple.

    If you are lossing over about 2% to 5% of your work yearly you really need to look & see what you are doing wrong. I do not care if they are dropping you because of that flimsy excuse that they found someone cheaper.

    I want to be used because they think I'm the best & Price is not important. Never make much if you are cheaper than others. But if you are #1 & the best, well that alone says it all!

    People here or anywhere can say what they want but the Biggest Problem with Lawn Service & Landscaping Companies is this. They try to make it Rocket Science & just as Complicated as they can. This is a very simple business & if you keep it that way you will go far & very few Problems!

    Remember this all Contracts are made to be obeyed, changed, broken & dropped! Where do you & your business want to fit in at.

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