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    What should i have on my contract? Ive got a few yards lined up and want to make a contract I just dont know what to say in it. I ll be mowing, trimming, edging. I want to mow once every week. Any help would be awesome!

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    List what you are going to do. Tell when you are going to do it and where
    Tell what they are going to do (pay you), tell when they are going to do it (due date)
    List who is entering the contract (Customer- Vendor) and where the money is to be sent

    From that point you can add what you want as far as how you will do it and what you have as far as insurance and any other things that you and the customer aggreed upon.
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    I call mine proposal/agreements.
    Simply list the services you propose to do, a price for the services, and a place for them to initial to accept the proposed work.

    2006 Proposal/ Agreement

    Client Name: Mr. & Mrs. Joe Blow
    Work To Be Performed At: 1111 anystreet

    Lawn Maintenance: ABC will maintain the lawn on an as needed basis during the season (April 1st - November 30th). The cost for this service will be: $ 1,000,000.00 per cut. If there are over 33 cuttings, the extra cuts will be charged at the per cut price.

    Price: $ Total Initials: x________

    Landscape Maintenance: ABC will prune and/or shear all hedges, shrubs, and vines, and removal of weeds from areas during the growing season. The cost for this service will be $ 37.50 per hour.

    Core aeration and over seeding of lawn areas. To be done in fall (September).

    Price: $ 130.00 Initials: x___________
    Seed will be charged per pound of seed used

    Spring Cleanup: Cleanup of leaves, etc. To be done in March, and billed when completed.

    The fall leaf cleanups done in December will be billed per hour when work is completed.

    The spring and fall cleanups will consist of leaf removal from lawn and bed areas, removal of dead flowers and grasses in landscape, and if needed, trimming of bushes.

    I would list other services and prices, because this is an excellent time to upsell more work for you....

    Client will be billed 10 monthly installments of $$$$ per month. Total up services and devide by 10 or however many months.

    Invoices will be sent on the 1st day of the month(from March 1-December 1st)and will be due in 14 days.
    Late fees----yada yada--yada

    Terms: All material is guaranteed to be as specified. All work is to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practice. Additional services (not outlined in this agreement) will be considered an extra and billed separately.

    Jonny Lawnboy Company Rep.

    x__________________ Customer signature

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