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    where do i go to get contracts for residentail snow removal,lawncare ect.
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    Welcome to Lawnsite!

    You've found a great source of info. Now, I'll show you another. There's a great archive of info at this site, and if you use the search feature in the top right corner of this page, you'll be able to get volumes of info to help you put together a solid contract.

    Good luck!
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    It's very simple, but its something to work off of. Hope this helps a little bit. BTW - the PERFECT contract or any business form for that matter is the one you customize to fit your needs yourself. Good Luck!

    Day, month and year here
    Your name & or company name
    P. O. Box or address here
    Somewhere, State & Zip

    Agreement for lawn service

    This agreement entered into between (Your name & or company name)and (customers name & or company name) commencing on (month, day and year) and continuing thereafter as long as both parties are satisfied. Each agreeing to give either party a 30 day notice of intention to change or terminate contract.

    (Your name & or company name) agrees to mow, hedge, edge, trim, prune, weed out existing beds and blow off concrete surfaces at (customers address & or company address) for a monthly fee of (your fee here). Any extra services will be agreed upon in advance between (customers name & or company name) and (your name & or company name)on a jobber basis.

    (Customers name & or company name) agrees to furnish materials other than lawn equipment such as pine straw, mulch, fertilizers, plants and etc. at their expense. Unless specified different in contract above.

    Anything else added to this document should be added here & if possible should be typed in but if clearly written is ok but make sure all additions & or revisions should be initialized by both parties next to additions & or revisions. Take every thing in parenthesis delete & put under lines there. Remove this paragraph when making original document.

    Owner or manager name date

    Your name & or company name date

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