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Hello forum,

I was wandering for those of you who use contracts, do you include landscape maintenance, mowing, and other services all in one contract or do you put each service on a seperate contract?

The reason I am asking, is we had a customer wanting to cancel because she didn't like the weeding we had done on her flower bed. Well the lawn service and weeding were on the same contract so naturally I lost both items to my competition.

Had I seperated the two services on to seperate contracts, perhaps only the weeding service would have been cancellable and the lawn service contract would still be intact.

I am not attorney but that seems to make sense to me.
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My contracts...well actually I call them an agreement...are for just mowing and spring/fall cleanups. Mowing is lump sum price per service..and the cleanups are hourly. All other maintenance work such as mulching, weeding, shrubs/hedges is dealt with verbally typically. Some customers do it themselves, some hire me and one hires someone else. One customer does their own cleanups too, or at least most of it. I have some that I just do the hedges and plowing...I'm pretty flexible on what my role is. I don't do applications.
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