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    Where are you at in CT? I grew up in Waterbury (town plot)

    I would think that is okay. You probobly won't work too far into November though. Usually all your leaf clean-ups will be done by early Nov. at the latest, if not, its likely the snow will take over!

    Have you thought about breaking the yearly price for the contract (including all the extras) over a 12 month period? This is good for a lot of reasons.....2 of the best reasons are that there is money rolling in evenly year round for you (even if your not doing much business) And its a good way to upsell other services. When you break it up over 12 months instead of 7 or 8, its less of a financial burden for the customer per month. They get the idea that they're not spending "that much more" if you add it in the contract over a 12 month period. Know what I mean?
  3. The Lawn Choupique

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    I don't use contracts. Never had any use for them.
  4. Guido

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    Just curious why you wouldn't want to secure your paycheck?

    I'm not saying it is absolutely neccessary to have contracts for all your accounts, but it is a sound business practice and an all around good idea.
  5. f350

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    not a whole lot to lose at $25 an hour huh.. plus it takes a little more skill than cutting grass to write one!!
  6. The Lawn Choupique

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    My word is worth more than any peice of paper. When I take an account I do what I said I would do. And quite frankly, I do not trust someone who would require me to sign a contract enough to cut his grass.
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    Dont waste your time with the Lawn Choupique. He also doesnt believe in paying for liabilty insurance, that all of us who do this for a living are barely smart enough to wipe our own butts, and that if he makes $ 25.00 an hour that hes a wealthy man.

    First the good news, he lives in Lousiana so hes nowheres near me and hes getting up there in years and will someday die a poor and broken man.

    The bad news is that hes already pro-created the next generation of Lawn Choupiques to take his place behind that lawnmower of his.

    Go back and read the context of some of his posts on various threads and youll understand completely.
  8. The Lawn Choupique

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    I am going to have to update my profile. Years ago, long before the casinos came to Biloxi I bought a Condo on the beach for an investment and just a getaway spot. However, I have since moved to Biloxi as a primary residency. Don't worry though, I am to old to move again and If I do, it surely won't be North of that Mason Dixon Line.

    P.S. I plan on willing my 21" push mower to the next generation of Lawn Choupiques.
  9. bubble boy

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    not the words you post on lawnsite. i'll take the piece of paper, thanks.
  10. greenman

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    mike9497- I use 12 month contracts. I will use 9 month contracts on residentials but only if they refuse the 12 month signing. If you get commercials, never let them sign for 9 months, theres maintainence on all commercials all year long,(at leat there is in my services).

    Lawn Choupique-you are not the one signing the contract to mow his lawn:rolleyes: :rolleyes: The customer is signing stating that he/she will pay you x amount providing you do the mowing(or whatever it is u do). You make it sound like the customer is handing you a contract:rolleyes: As far as trust, cant trust anyone anymore.

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