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  1. Jaybrown

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    Where can I find done good contract templates. What do you use. Examples would be nice. Thanks
  2. twomancrew

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    You can't. What you can do is ask the co. if they have a vendor packet and use that as your guide. If they don't, and it sounds like they don't, is ask for a sit down to draw up a quick contract. Take a pen and paper or goto officemax and buy a booklet of the carbonless standard form contract. like this anyway you just sit them down and let them work through it with you. They will want to make sure you are both talking about the same things anyway.
    Now if you want to propose a job as in put in a bid, don't use a contract form. Use a proposal and try the same approach. Proly not going to work and you will just have to learn.
    Use a pen and write as clearly as possible. I impressed many clients with my penmanship when I started and that paints them a good picture of how you do things. Penmanship is one of the first things I remember learning in school. Then math. Best of luck. Let me know how it goes.
  3. twomancrew

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    Get Quickbooks for $12 a month. It's what we do now. Unlimited quotes and invoices. My CPA don't like it so I don't pay more for it to spit out forms for him to charge to put back in his software. Last quarter he charged me $115 for everything. I used to fix his bike at the shop where I worked years ago so it isn't by chance I get a nice guy price from him. Also I work very hard to make my numbers large and clear(I dont use quickboks for everything like I should) for him. He likes that too.
  4. Jaybrown

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    I use quickbooks I just need a contract template ideas.
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    Pm me your email.
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    do the same to me
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