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    I notice a lot of you talking about contracts. I don't use them at all, even on commercial work. I do use NEBS landscaping proposals for install work when I do that. It will help in obtaining a lein if you need one.

    BTW, I've only been "stiffed" by 3 people in 6 seasons. (less than $1K) Anything you can tell me about this, check verification, and accepting credit cards would be welcome. I have only had 2 checks bounce in the same time. One was taken care of immediately, the other I got a week ago. This one is for one week ($35) and the client is out of town. We'll see...
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    I don't use contracts ethier. I only do residentials and rarely have had a problem. We work all year so we don't have a gap in seeing the customers. I don't like the idea of paying a credit card company anything.
    You could always show up in uniform and look real mad when you collect.
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    I am a firm believer in contracts. My contract states exactly what is concidered as "discribed weekly maintance". I have even gone as far as to state there will be a removal fee charged for any kids toys, hoses, sprinklers and dog doo-doo. I have found that if you take the time and set up a contract both you and the customer are both happy. In my contract I spell out payment requirements and rubber check fees. Also the biggest thing is a cancelation clause this is your way out of a bad situation. With a contract spelling out what you will do and will not do is the backbone of your business. Heck, if I didn't have a contract I would be pulling weeds out of flowerbeds, weed whipping the grass that grows in the crack of your driveway, washing windows, and possibably grooming the dog for the same price as lawn cutting! NO WAY set up what will be done under your contract and then charge extra for anything else that may be requested. Besides it's professional
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    Greetings All My name is Ben and we have recently started accepting business Clients and I am in need of a Contract I was wondering if anyone could help me out by either telling me where I might find one online or if they would be kind enough to please send me one of thiers if it is ok that I may use it



    B & C Lawn Service

    Radcliff KY:hammerhead:
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    I agree w/new lawn. I send contracts to all my customers that state our responsibilities as well as theirs. This almost ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps eliminate any miss communication between you and the client.
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    go to this thread and bottom of 1st page someone posted their contract for others to use.

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