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  1. Mason2016

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    So do you guys make homeowners sign a contract once you get the account or is it a verbal agreement? What if you land a commercial account?? Does anyone have a copy of an account you could post up to give ideas??

    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    Start searching via google and add at the end of your search. Tons of topics on anything that comes to mind from the early 00's.., and current- good luck
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  3. JagT20N

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    everyone on written , specially commercial ( real estate ) accounts .
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  4. Mason2016

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    do you mind sharing your contract so i can get ideas??
  5. MWP

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    Not sure if you found a contract to edit and use, but check this site out.
  6. Lawn Dog2001

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    Yes a contract is a must for all clients. It lets your clients know what they can expect of you, and what is expected of them. You will find that you have a lot less headaches when your customers know exactly what your policies are up front. Explaining something verbally leads to issues. Things get lost in translation, and some customers will interpret your words however they see fit. Plus if there is ever a problem it's going to be he said she said because nothing is in writing. Develop your own contract and add tailor it to your business. Be thorough with what you put in it. Once you start doing it you will wonder why you didn't do it from the start
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  7. Todd73

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    Only real contract I have is my HOA.

    Residential as are free to cancel any time they just get a customer agreement which outlines what services they are getting, the price they are paying, what they can expect from me, and what I expect from them. I know a lot of guys in my area go by just a verbal commitment, but I prefer to put it all in writing so there’s no confusion. There’s always one or two that are going to try the ol’ “You told me the price included hedge trimming” routine if you don’t lay it all out clearly from the beginning.

    IMO, contracts/agreements are pretty personal to the business and what works for me might not work for you. I suggest sitting down and start jotting down all the things you need clients to do, like having gates unlocked or picking up dog crap. Also write down what they can expect from you, like what’s your inclement weather policy, what holidays you work or take off, and payment terms. Then take those ideas and convert them to something formal. Then save the document and over the course of the season add or edit as something else will come up that will make you say, “I need to have a policy for that.”
  8. RussellB

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    You can get generic contracts at Office Depot. For little money they will put your letter head and info at the top and print them off. All you need to do is figure out your cost and fill in the blanks.
  9. RussellB

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    All of my HOA's are under contract and all landscaping projects. Maintenance accounts on single family homes are not (unless they include application of pesticides/herbicides.
  10. Rockbridge Lawn Care LLC

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    Get your "contracts" on carbonless paper printed up inside a custom printed folder... and you look ultra professional when you bid at the property management firms

    I don't do service agreements/contracts with residential clients...they are all pre-paid. They do sign up with a credit card and some literature on that subject matter, but nothing binding "x" number of service visits. I use that as a perk and marketing tool.

    NO one ever ask for a contract...but they do balk or snicker when you use that word

    If I was on the other side: billing after service, then HECK yea you want to have a signed document that links you to the price and service you performed, thus the client has an obligation to pay you as appropriated.

    HOA's have to many hands in the cookie jar, larger scopes of work, and are multi season period of performances...its hard enough to remember Sall Sue's yard services after a few months, much less a 30+ acre mulit-house property. The liabilities are also much bigger so as a business you don't want a contract, but you have to cover yourself as the HOA's can be a brutal reality of indecent people.

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