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    I did this residential "makeover" job recently and ran into difficulties. I ended up needing some extra materials that were not in the signed contract. I am wondering what to send them in order to charge for materials. They had us do extra things like paint around the chimney on the roof, paint the columns, paint shutters, ect.
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    Hey girl, it's Eddy. What's up? I think why no one has answered your question is because it is a little unclear of what you are asking.When you say you" are wondering what to send them", do you mean what kind of paperwork? As in what kind of invoice to use? Or something else? Just post again and clarify what you want and I'm sure you'll get an answer. Don't give up.
    Now to everyone out there, I told her about this site and all her questions could be answered here. Let's hear some input, of course after she reposts.
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    Invoice them as per original agreement/contract, and on same sheet detail out the other work and their charges. Show one total for all.

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