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    I am curious as to how most of you handle your lawn care customers. Do you have them sign a yearly contract or do you simply know that you are the company doing the work and make the applications when neccesary and bill accordingly. Thanks.
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    The only thing I'll have my customers sign is my guarantee....I'll guarantee to replace their turf or ornamentals if killed by insects. A verbal contract for services is all I need, if they cancel from poor service then I'm Not doing my job.In my case, I have no employees..I'm the owner/operator....I WON'T lose customers to poor service. I don't believe in yearly contracts...if you do your job correctly you won't give customers a reason to cancel.
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    Yearly contracts are good for ensuring timely delivery of your money though!!
  4. I make it very clear (even in our advertising) that CONTRACT NOT REQUIRED...However, I show them the advantages (discounts, specials notices about discounts throughout the year - 2 free hours of service for what ever they want to use it for etc.) of doing so and 8 out 10 sign up for annual agreement. By the way –I NEVER use the term contract – always agreement. Once written and signed, in Texas its a contract but it does not have to be titled or called such.

    This way - customer does not feel pushed or uncomfortable about doing business with us or receiving service. Sometimes it takes a few weeks after we have proven ourselves and/or formed relationship with the tough ones.

  5. Tony Clifton

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    Hey guys thanks for the responses. BullGrazer, I agree with you about not using the term contract, we also use the term agreement for our maintenance and fert. customers. The reason I ask this question is that we often come across potential customers who say that they will use us as soon as their current contract expires with their current lawn care service.

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