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    I need to write up a contract. all i know is that i want it to say that i will cut their lawn atleast until the 1st of november, and then they can choose if they want it cut. I also want to put in that if they wish to terminate me, that they will have to pay for the remaining weeks. Also, i would like to add, that i am their to Cut their lawn, not pick up toys, pick up dog remains, or anything in that matter.

    What else should i add, and how do i write it up????

    ive never seen a lawn contract or anything so if you fine people could help me out, that would be awsome. THANK YOU in Advandce!
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    I would recommend another web site, but you have to be a member with a magainze subscription to get into the site
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    lawnsite also has some contract samples I believe. Ask about them
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    use the search function, so many to choose from. PM me and maybe I could help you out.
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    Hi PremierLandscaping,

    There is a sample contract in this post.

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