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  1. Evermow

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    I have heard of people getting there customers to sign contracts- yearly or just for the summer months. How does this work out? Does it even work? Does it scare off any bussiness? Do you have to get a lawyer to draw them up, or is there somwhere I can find a universal contract for landscapers? HELP!
  2. BCSteel

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    Try using the search function. Until then, I have never had too much luck getting home owners to sign onto contracts, only the commercial accounts. But other people have had no problem getting the home owners on contract.
  3. lawn

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    When I give them an estimate, I fill out the proposal sheet, explain what the service is and how much is going to cost. make them sign it and that's it.
  4. ljones4521

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    Instead of referring to it as a contract, type it up and have the homeowner 'authorize' you to begin work. The authorization should include when you are to begin work, frequency, detail description of work provided etc. I believe it is imperative have a meeting of the minds. The only way to do this is to write the agreement down.

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