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I would at least get them to sign for the comeing yr. That would secure it for you. If your price is ok you can always have them resign. Its so easy to get underbid on these propertys.


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I am not here
I just finished reading a book by Bill Phagan- He has an excellent book for writing contracts that protect us. He shows examples and what top write. Its also in plain english not the typical mumbo jumbo some books do..
I also purchased a few other excellent books he has. They are helping me like few others I have seen. I stongly recommend these to help us all go in the right direction. If anyone is interested you can email me

If you do not have a contract you have no recourse if they don't pay. I have been down this road before and it is not pleasant. As they say, a verbal contract isn't worth the paper its written on. GET a contract signed and give a copy to the apartment complex management/owner.



I agree with Spring Valley. There are many pros and cons. However, I had a guy tell me he wasn't going to pay his bill for $5000. First thing they asked when I called about small claims court was, "did you have a contract?" Need I say any more?