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  1. f350dieselemt

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    hey guys i am new to but i am a member of for a long time.. i was wondering if anyone had a copy of a contract that i could see so i could kind of get an idea of what i should use. any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS ALOT..
    Alex Kaplan
    Bergen COunty, NJ
  2. MMLawn

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    Hi Alex, welcome to LS! :waving: Most folks won't give up their contracts as they consider them sort of a "trade secret" kinda thing or they paid a lawyer to do them. But if you will check under the Elements of Business Forum on here I think you may find a few. YOu may have to use the search feature if there are not any on the current pages.
  3. Mowman29

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    Hey since you been a member of Plowsite do you have a sq ft price you go by to plow?
  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi f350dieselemt,

    Here is a list of contracts that have been sent to us over the years. Feel free to use them. If you have a plowing contract that you could send us, we would appreciate it.

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