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    I have been doing, really to ggod. I have been in the business about two and a half years. Yeah, the half year wasn't to good. No, I am not a scrub. It looks like I am going to receive the bid that I put on a group of about ten hotels in my area. My problem is I have never had to do a commercial contract. What I am looking for is an idea of what I need to put in a contract. I know that I need to list what I am going to be doing and for what charge but what I need is the proper way and form in order to do it as a professional. I can design, istall, and maintain any and everything and I know what my charges are, however I need an idea of how to put it in the proper and professional manner. I know that there are companies out there that will sell me programs that will enable me to do this but I am not quite to the point that I can purchase them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Help me I am ready to go, last week. :blob3:
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    A quick search of contract forms should give you some ideas.

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