Contrast between 2012 Super Z and 2013 Superz / HD Z

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  1. JudgeLawns

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    I own 2011 super z and 2012 super z. I'm looking to possibly make another purchase this year and wondering if there is a break down of the differences between these older models and the new 2013 super z and HD superZ. Thanks.
  2. hustlermidwest

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    The 2012 Super Z and the 2013 Super Z HD are pretty much the same but the 2013 has bigger tires and a nicer seat.
    The 2013 Super Z is like your 2012 but without the slipper piston pumps and 5 year drive warranty.

    Brian O
  3. Tharrell

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    I noticed the anti skid on the left side of the deck is not on the new models?
    Also, the blade cover is perforated instead of anti skid?
    That's not gonna look very good after shoes wear the paint and rust takes over.
    It's gonna look like a Scag! Rusty.

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