Control Costs by Tracking Crews

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    Tracking the performance of a crew is one of the most important aspects of managing operational costs in the landscaping industry. So often, businesses do not measure actual performance, even though it’s vital in building an annual financial plan.

    When tracking field teams be sure to measure man-hours for maintenance work. This is the most costly, but also the most manageable part of the business. Focus should remain on the quantities used (hours and materials), rather than estimated dollars. By consistently measuring the quantities, a more accurate dollar figure can be assigned and budgeted.

    The importance of performance tracking is also found in team management. Accurate measurements provide powerful feedback to your teams and can help them remain productive. Leaders can use performance tracking to determine which teams are setting the pace and which are in need of training. Overall, tracking helps set the performance standard and provides attainable goals. The results of tracking performance should also be used when determining price structure, which eliminates the guesswork that can lead to undercutting or over-estimating. Be sure to leverage actual information on past crew performance to estimate new work—then you’ll be ahead of the game.

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