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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by BLL, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. BLL

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    I see a lot of prices/1000 on here for straight fert. but what are you guys chargin for control products? I am currently using Dimension .15, Momentum and Merit all combinations with fert. It looks like this year i will need to do some stright Momentum apps w.o the fert. How would you recomend charging for them, since i have never had to do this type of treatments? Will be charging 3.50/m for straight fert this year.
  2. I avg my price for apps per each lawn, per a whole year then give them that price.

    I don't think anyone will squinch at the nose for $3.00 or even $3.50 per M for a spray app.
  3. BLL

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    from MD
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    so you are sayin if i use a combo product that may be like a 4.50 or 5 dolalr app to just average it with teh fert apps and charge liek 4 or 4.45 for both ? or am i misunderstanding you
  4. Ryan Lightning

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    "$3.50 per M " What does the M stand for?
  5. Ryan a straight Momentium app costs for product $0.29 per M.

    "M" stands for 1000 square feet.

    BLL I total the entire cost of the program and give the avg price, this way that $6 pre M app can look much more eye apealing at say $4 instead of $6.

    It is a numbers game, peaople look at numbers.

    Also they know what the cost of each app is and they are all the same throughout the entire program. This way you don't have one that is $10 then the next is $4 per an M per an app.

    Total program is lets say $1000 and we are going to do 5 applications, then you have a $200 per an app price, not one that is $150, $250, $190, $260, then $150.
  6. BLL

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    from MD
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    ok i understand you now but what do you recomend on just a straight control app liek momentum for example without the fert. Im assuming that it would be considerably cheaper my cost( not sure what my cost is yet. Any ideas?) .

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