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Controller stickers


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How many of you guys are leaving stickers on the controllers for service calls? Where are you getting them?

I've been meaning to look into doing this for a while now but never got around to it. We're required to leave a sticker on new installs but it seems like a great idea for service calls as well.



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I used to years ago, but got away from it. Not sure why. Saved a few bucks I guess. I also got tired of hearing "We just moved into this house and you installed the sprinklers because there is a sticker on the front of the box". When in fact we did not install it, and they thought they would be getting some kind of warranty, or were pissed that the system sucked and we should have made it better when all we did was fix the broken backflow preventer or a broken head for the previous owner.


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metro NYC
I don't mind leaving a sticker, when I can stand to revisit the system. The real craphole jobs without proper backfow protection are another story.

Stuttering Stan

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I leave sticker everywhere (well expect the crapholes). It helps advertise your business name and is better than nothing. A meager investment IMO
I went to Nebs


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i have used sleeves meant for name tags, the kind you see at trade shows to hold my business card and a station designation card. i think that it's better to leave worthwhile information and a card, rather than to just post an advertisement.