controlling a natural pond?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by LakeCountry, Apr 1, 2003.

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    We have a pond on our property that we want to do some work with. It is a perfect circle approx 50' in diameter. One side is on the walkout side of our house with an elev. of about 3 foot over waterline and the other sides have steeper inclines going up to twelve feet.

    The southwest side is covered in natural growth ferns and the rest has downed trees and brush. We have cleared the brush and are now looking at options to either use an aerator or something to get the water oxygenated.

    I want to ring it with boulders and then establish other growth on the sides with brush etc. My wife would really like to line the pond and connect it to another area that collects water when it rains and or thaw.

    Is it possible to line a small natural pond and use a skimmer? Or is this a complete mess?

  2. ponderbrown

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    Sure its easy, but it ain't cheap! Drain the pond, lay underlayment, and thousand dollars worth of liner, and a 700 dollar skimmer and a good 5000 to 7000 gph pump to circulate through an aerator (not cheap either) or just dump back around to pond. :blob2:
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    Don't forget the pressure release valves.

    Maybe two or three skimmers and bio-falls for that size

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