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    LOL! So I am preparing to do some weed control experiments...again. But I am running out of new ideas. I have planted some Marigold seeds in plastic cups indoors. I will use them for pretend "weeds", in a couple weeks. I also have tomato seed and bean seed. I think I can dig up chickweed from outside and plant it inside in containers. Also violets and a few other weeds, potentially.

    I have Quicksilver, T-Zone, Speedzone, Surge, and Drive, some wetting agent and perhaps a bit of Confront.

    I treated new grass(Scotts perennial rye) in a container, indoors with Quicksilver. I treated at 16 days old. New grass was about 3 inches tall. Indoor temp was about 69. At two days after treatment, about 10 percent of new grass sprouts were injured. These sprouts bent over sideways. They had a 90 degree curve.
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    For a test, I used marigold seedlings raised indoors in plastic cups, watered with rain water, at a temp of about 65. They were about 2 inches tall. I treated them with Quicksilver, T-Zone, Speedzone, and untreated control. I moved them outside at 39 degrees for treatment and after 30 minutes moved them back inside. Non-ionic wetting agent was included. I tried to use about label rate--but naturally using small hand sprayers this was only approximate.

    It was startling to see the "weeds" treated with T-Zone collapse after only 2 hours.
    First photo: labels in orange circles are difficult to read. Three on left treated with Speedzone, next 3 are T-Zone, next two are Untreated control, three on far right are Quicksilver.
    Second slide is easy to read, but Quicksilver treatment does not appear.


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    I tested 3 herbicides and kept an untreated control using marigold seedlings as a test"weed". (Easy to grow.)
    After 48 hours the untreated control looked OK. Treatment with T-Zone cause rapid collapse. Treatment with Speedzone was effective. Treatment with Quicksilver was slightly less effective.

    I hope to have a chance to try this with chickweed. (Dug up and moved inside). Perhaps I will try some mixtures of above products.


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    Quicksilver needs high light levels and temperatures to work fast. So does sulfentrazone by itself. The rapid action of the T Zone and Speedzone can be credited to the 2,4-D ester in both products. Thank you for sharing the results of your experiments.
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    So true. And I did not have high temps or high light levels.

    Quicksilver and Speedzone apply similar amounts of carfentrazone on an active ingredient per acre basis.
    Sulfentrazone contained in Surge applies about the same amount of sulfentrazone on an active ingredient per acre basis.

    I now have 12 pots of chickweed growing inside. It should be ready soon.
    I need suggestions on weed control tests.
    I may try to compare the effects of fast drying conditions with high humidity, after herbicide application.
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    Yes try your experiment again with violets.
    That will negate any effect 24D (its like peeing on violets, does nothing) has and will be dependent on the other active ingredients in the herbicides.
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    Should be able to dig under the snow and get some violets for experimentation, actually... those babies are everywhere in the borderlines and gardens... :)
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    Three inches of snow today. Cannot find the violets. A problem with violets is that some of the main stem is below ground, rhizomes. Killing the leaves at the surface doesn't do much. Good suggestions. I will look for violets, but some of them were sprayed 2 months ago--I can't use those again.
    Maybe I can get some oxalis, or oxalis stricta, (purple oxalis).

    Any votes for veronica?
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