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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CrazyJ, Apr 9, 2007.

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    I am a homeowner. I've got an awful infestation of henbit this year that seems to be overtaking a lot of the new tall fescue that came up from last falls reseeding. I'm wondering the best way to get control for this into my program.

    I figure I can do a fall preemergent, late fall 2,4-d spraying, or spring 2,4-d spraying (which I'm doing now). I'd prefer to do a fall preemergent, but I can't find data on when the winter annuals normally germinate. I generally reseed in mid september-early october, so I wouldn't want to put the preemergent down until november-december. Is this too late? How do you guys normally control this?
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    henbit can be hard to control in the late spring, best time to control is a fall spraying with an ester based herbicide. not sure what you can get from the store, but if you read the active ingrediants, just look for the word ESTER. depending on you temps now, you might be able to spot spray, as long as the temps stay below 75-80 for a few days.
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    Henbit will be only the beginning weed that you can expect to have during the course of the comming season. Part of the dicot family it can easy be control with what you are using now. Only, it's very important to read and follow suggestion on the label. To think a little more is better will not give you the effects you are looking for when controlling henbit. It will take 2 application to control, this will allow the herbicide to extend into the entire plant and enough toxicity to reach and disrupt it normal growing cycle. If you use more than label recommendations the only thing you will have acommplished is top burn. That is toxicity has reach over and beyond its effectiveness and litterally distroy the top growth, before having a chance to effectively control the plant. Now!, after you have applied the herbicide mow after 2 days has passed this will stress it even further and allow the plant to want to take in more. Because you are an home owner I must state that you will in reality spent more controlling your problem than the cost it would save you to hire someone who is certified. Just a thought!
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    Old school rule of thumb is they germinate when night air temperature get down to 50 degrees.
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    Putting down a fall pre-m may interfer with your grass seedlings because they germinate about the same time as your other winter annuals. You either have to aerate or pre-m but not both because you are risking either not getting germination from your grasslings or the aerate will destroy your pre-m barrier. Now, I would bite the bullet and spray with an ester because you can always kill henbit anytime but it is more difficult to grow grass. And the ester will work faster because it is alcohol based so it will be absorbed quicker than a salt based herbicide.

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