Controlling Yellow Jackets

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by NC Scaper, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. NC Scaper

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    What are some natural and/or chemical things to controlling these beast
  2. olderthandirt

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    SEVIN dust if you can find the nest or where there going in just throw down a handful and they will carry it to the nest and wipe it out in a day. An exterminator taught me that trick for a $150 house call :D

  3. Ric

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    NC Scaper

    Permethrin is the fastest acting insecticide I know of. If you find the nest, use a Permetrin product to make a fast kill so you don't get stung. Wasp and Hornet spray has Permethrin as its AI.

    Dust will work also but as Older than dirt said it takes at least a day. However if you can find or get to the nest then use it.
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  4. voeg

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    If you are out in the open, starter fluid, like you would use on a diesel engine works great. Spray it right on them and they will drop like flies. What I've been told, is that the stuff evaporates so quickly that it pulls the moisture from their bodies as it does so and kills them.
  5. Tharrell

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    Yellow jackets are bad around here. Except where I've been applying granules to the lawn. I came back from mowing last thursday and took an ice tea break before unloading my stuff and the yellow jackets were swarming around my mower wheels. I live in the country and my lawn is the only improved area close by. I guess they were from the woods and fields nearby because they aren't in my yard.
  6. mmacsek

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    Yellow jackets are very aggressive this year. There are alot of nests in the ground and old tree stumps. Not a problem finding the nests. I used a natural product that used mint oil and was suppossed to attack the nervous system. This stuff really pissed them off. The product that stopped them in their tracks was Enforcer foam. Hit them in the evening and they're not coming out in the morning. It was about 5 bucks a can and emptied real fast. The grass around the nest turned brown. I don't know the active ingredient off hand but will check the truck in the morning. Matt
  7. D Felix

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    I had luck with Talstar applied liberally to the hole last year, though this year it seems as if it's only slowing them down, not killing them. Last year there were NO bees flying within 1/2 hour.... Could be it was mixed a little stronger then too.... This year it is only killing the ones I spray it directly on, not the whole nest.

    Sevin dust works well, especially if you put it in the hole after dark when they are all inside. Gas and a match works too, just be very aware of your surroundings and any buried utilities.:)

  8. NC Scaper

    NC Scaper LawnSite Member
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    2 weeks ago I was loading the trailer and BAM one up the shirt, I have been stung many times but this really hurt. My arm swells up and it hurts so much I gave in going to the doc. Well Saturday same place loading trailer and I get it again and this time its 10 times worse on the same arm. Now where I was there are 4 decaying stumps, now that I know I am allergic I have cautiously just sat back there to see if I can see any activity and so far nothing, but thats why I started this thread now cause when I do find where they are they are going down.

  9. GregoryR

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    Whatever these guys said about killing yellowjckets will work for the most part. But real control starts in early spring when you can put out those hanging baited yellowjcket traps. At that time of year you will capture mainly queens and the idea is that alone will reduce the population of nests throughout the season. Getting closer to summer those traps will catch thousands of yellowjackets and not put a dent in the overall population. Yellowjacket control requires a little planning ahead.
  10. PLM-1

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    i got in to those today. got stung 7 times...still hurts. the ones on my legs look like snake bites...i had blood soaking through my shirt where they got me too! took care of them tho...little bit of gas down the hole and a match! i know it's not smart to do that but had to get rid of them. i still had to mow in the area.

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